Emergency Visa in 4 Hours

How to get Urgent Visa for UAE: Your Comprehensive Guide

It requires an entry visa to travel to Dubai. Many nations require residents to obtain an advance visa to issue visas urgently. For Dubai will simplify the lives of travelers and business people and create facilities for people to travel Dubai within a short time. The urgent Dubai visa is designed for those people who want to travel to Dubai in a short time.

The following guidance will help you understand the idea behind an urgent visa.

Dubai Urgent Visa

An urgent Dubai visa is issue in the event of an emergency and the candidate is responsible to. It could be a family member or friend which need to reach anywhere in theEmirates In an emergency condition. It’s a mandatory visa that is to be issue in case of emergency. An urgent Dubai visa takes 24 hours to obtain.

There are two kinds of visas for urgent use

  • Single entry

This type of visa is issue for 14, 30 days, or 60 days. If you are applying for an urgent Dubai visa then you can get it in four to five hours.

  • Multiple entries

This type of visa is issue for 60 days. This is an emergency visa and it is available within 24- 36 hours.

Documents Required for Dubai Visa

Following are the documents you should submit for visa application.

  • A colored and scanned copy of the passport

A colored and scanned copy of the applicant’s passport is important document that you should submit. It should be on the front side or reserve side that can easily be visible.

  • A valid passport

A passport should be valid for three months after the start date of your Dubai travel. This is very important and one of the reasons that’s why visas are rejected.

  • Scanned passport- sized photograph

This is also the necessary document that should be summit. A scanned-sized photo or a white background is recommended. The face of the candidate including ears, should be evident in the image.

  • Fill in the Forum correctly.

The application form should be filled by the applicant should contain all the documents and submitted with other necessary documents.

  • Bank account statement of a person

In some cases, a bank statement is necessary for 6 months to be provided when making an application for an urgent visa.

Who are eligible to apply for an urgent visa

It is important question that should know to those people who want to get the urgent visa. This visa is issued for foreigners who want to visit Dubai due to the following reasons.

  • For tourism purpose
  • For help to friends and family in emergency conditions.
  • To meet relative individuals who live in the Emirates.

Apply Process for Express Dubai Visa

There are the following processes For the Application of Dubai Visa.

  • Approach a travel agency or nearby the Dubai visa processing center.
  • Pay the online visa processing fee.
  • Upload documents by the online portal.
  • Check the status of the application on the same portal.

Who can apply for an urgent Dubai Visa

This facility is available for those people who wants to travel Dubai urgently with specific purpose. Some conditions that are needed to fulfilled before getting the urgent Dubai visa. Here are individuals who can avail.

  • Business purpose
  • Short trips
  • Medical treatment
  • Someone visiting their family

Processing Time for Express Dubai Visa

With Emirates Visa Express, you will get your Express Visa with a duration of 4- 12 hours working process.

Fees of urgent Dubai visa

The fees of an urgent Dubai visa depend on the visa service you are looking. However, for the Express visa, you need to pay additional charges approved by the Dubai authorities.

Some Mistakes to Avoid

There are some common mistakes you should avoid.

  • Don’t submit the incomplete information
  • Don’t upload the un- valid passport photo
  • All the important documents you should submit at one time
  • Keep the public holidays in mind


Dubai is the most popular city and its urgent visa requirements are common. Once you have all the documents avail yourself of Express Dubai visa services by our portal. You will get Dubai urgent visa without any disturbance.

FAQ’S about urgent Dubai visa

Q 1. Can anyone get Dubai visa in one day?

Ans: With Emirates Visa Express services anyone can get visa 4 to 12 hours.

Q 2. Is it best to apply urgent Dubai visa on Weekends?

Ans. Not try to apply for a Dubai visa in the weekends because it not counts in the working days

Q 3. Can anyone get urgent visa within 2 hours?

Ans: Yes, it is possible within a certain nationality.