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UAE Visit Visa: Everything you Need to Know

You should know all kinds of information about Visas before travel. Because every visa has different validation period.

  • You should know the following information about UAE Visit Visa

The visa process takes three to four days. Every visa fee is non -refundable.

  • Is a Visa Required to Visit Dubai?

If you are planning to Visit Dubai you should need to apply for a Visa. Even you are transiting through Abu Dhabi. You can apply for Visa online.

  • What type of Visa do you need?

The Visa you need depends on the length of your trip. Visa fees show in Dirhams and are refundable. The Visa Application process takes three to four days.

There are different kinds of Visas you should need to know about its information

  •  Transit Visa Single Entry

    For those passengers who are transiting through Zayed International Airport between the period of 8 hours and four calendar days traveling to a third destination.

    Validation of Entry: 14 days

    Duration: 4 days

    Number of entries: Single entry

    • 48 Hours Transit Visa Single Entry

    For those passengers who are transiting through Zayed International Airport for a period between eight to 48 hours and traveling to the third destination.

    Validity of Entry: 14 days

    Duration: 4 days

    Number of entries: Single entry

    • Tourist Visa Single entry

    You can apply for a Visa before you travel. Please also ensure your passport is valid for at least six months.  The Visa can be extended for 30 days and AED 960 per extension. Before travel, you should take your passport and other necessary documents.

    Validity of Entry: 60 days

    Duration: 30 days

    Number of entries: Single entry

    • How to Apply UAE Visa

    You can apply online for a Visa. Submit separate Applications for each person.

    Here are Every thing you need to know before apply the tourist Visa

    • Documents:
    • Application Form
    • Copy of your Passport
    • Showing your date of birth and address
    • Valid Passport with at least six months
    • Confirmed ticket before travel
    • Additional Documents

    Depending on your nationality, you may be requested to provide additional documents in support of your visa application. If these documents cannot be provided, the visa application may be rejected. The visa fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

    • Rules and Conditions

    There are some of the rules of Dubai Tourist Visa you should know before travel

    • Additional Visa Process Application
    • Visa fees are non – refundable
    • Tickets are non- refundable
    • Start Planning

    Find a range of essential information – from basic customs to hotels, public transport, restaurants, and discounts.

    • Accommodation

    You should also know about the prices of accommodation before select the hotel for residence in this way you can enjoy the best accommodations within an affordable budget.

    • Book your flight

    Find flight tickets to Dubai and start planning your trip to the city. Whether you are traveling for leisure business or both, use our tool to find the best flight deals on Emirates online now.

    Make sure the following things before travelling

    You should know about the necessary information before travel. You should also know about the terrorism threat. In short words, you should get all kinds of travel information.

    • Weather in Dubai

    You should get information about the weather conditions in Dubai and then make your trip plan. In the best and calm weather, you can enjoy easily. In bad weather, you can’t enjoy things comfortably.

    • What are the Rules when going to Dubai

    You should follow the following rules when you are going to Dubai

    • Check Your Perceptions
    • Avoid public affections
    • Don’t take photos without people permission
    • Be respectful at the historical and religious places
    • Prohibition of Loud music
    • Etiquettes for tourists

    Dubai can be a strict place if you will not follow the rules or will break the rules being a tourist. Given below the rules for the first- time visitors.

    • Wear appropriate Clothes

    It is strictly against the laws of Dubai if you reveal clothes in public or even wear clothes that are less than your knees. UAE is a country that is not democratic and follows the Islamic and as well as Sharia laws, therefore, it is a compulsion on you to wear appropriate clothes, and do not forget to cover your shoulders too.

    • Restrictions in the Month of Ramdan

    In the holy and sacred month of Ramadan, there are some rules that must be followed even by tourists, visitors, or people coming from Australia, etc. As Ramadan is a month when Muslims fast therefore it is necessary for the visitor not to eat, chew, or drink water in public. Everyone has to follow the rules otherwise they may have to face some real troubles. During this month nothing should pass through the mouth between sunrise and sunset.

    • You should know prices

    You should also know the prices of shops before shopping. In the peak season, the prices of the Dubai shops are very high so you should wait for the sale season because in the sale season prices become low and you can enjoy your visit and can buy things within an affordable budget.

    • Sunday is a working day

    You should know that Sunday is a working day not a weekend day. Thursday is a weekend day and Friday is a holiday. On the other hand, in other countries, Sunday is a working day but Dubai has different rules.

    so, above mentioned rules every visitor who comes for the first time in Dubi they should follow the rules.

    • Unusual Dubai Laws for Tourists and Residents
    1. There are some Unusual Dubai Laws
    2. Checking Someone Phones
    3. Not allowed to eat and drink on public transport
    4. Carrying food on poppy seeds
    5. Washing your car
    6. Taking photo without the permission of people

    Above mentioned, laws should follow the people. If anyone can try to break the laws then the Visit of Dubai would be difficult for him.


    In this article, we have discussed the information that every tourist should know before traveling to Dubai. We also guided you to select the best time and make your trip plan. We also guided you should know the prices of shops before shopping. You should also know about the weather conditions in Dubai. We also guided you to follow the laws and rules of Dubai.